Giorgia Couture Affiliate Partners

Benefits as our Affiliate Partners

  • No Expertise Needed 

  • No Start-Up Costs

  • Secondary Source of Income

  • Convenience and Flexible

  • Tap on Our Existing Marketing Strategy and Advertising Campaigns

  • Be part of the Billion Dollar Lucrative Wedding Industry 

  • Tap On E-Commerce Sales

Partnering through Giorgia Couture Affiliate Program is a simple way to generate new revenue from your business while helping wedding community grow better.  Earn up to $500 in commission for each product purchased and more. 

Connect your business audience with Giorgia Couture products to help them through the wedding planning process. 

We will be sending you weekly information and content from photos, videos, promotion and link to help you with content and also provide assistance on how to drive traffic to your audience and email list. 

Signing up and participating as a Giorgia Couture affiliate is completely free. Plus, there are no minimum sales required to earn commission. 

Become a GC Affiliate Partner