Vienna Mei is Singapore's Private Bridal Designer. For over 6 years, she has been dressing brides both locally and internationally who turn to her for unique, artisanal creations when they want to look outstanding. 

A musician turned designer, Vienna Mei has breathed new life into what the usual wedding attire would look. Showcasing the infinite possibilities of modern craftmanship while infusing western and oriental style, Vienna is a passionate creator who wants to evoke emotions and inspire women through her designs.

Aure Logo

AURE is the most beautiful place on Earth Vienna has visited. It is small county in North Western Norway with the most scenic view of the fjords. 

In the world of classical music, imagination and expression create important connections with the listener and audience. In the world of design, colours, textures and embroideries become the canvas for artistic creation, bringing beauty, romance and art to life. 

With AURE, Vienna wants to bring the special place on Earth in her heart through her designs. With a new loft on the prestigious Marina Bay location, and the launch of a new concept, AURE holds exciting possibilities for the present.