The Bridal Bespoke Process with Giorgia Couture 

"Designer Vienna Mei has a penchant for sheer, lightweight layers and glamorous details that look equally as lovely for a beach setting as for a ballroom venue.

So if that's the look you're gunning for, Giorgia Couture is where to look." 


 --- Her World Brides Singapore


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Check out Asia Network Founder Michelle Yuan’s Bespoke Wedding dress journey with Giorgia Couture and her first fitting experience with Vienna Mei. 

Here are some additional information you might be interested 


Before the Appointment:

It is recommended that bride-to-be has a "dream dress" design in mind.

Save at least 2-3 styles and design of your ideal dress on your phone.

If you are unsure about a particular style's suitability, try ons are possible. Simply book a fitting session for our Ready-to-Wear Collection. 

During the Appointment:

You will meet Vienna Mei, the creative director for Bespoke Creation.

She will first understand what is your bridal style. 

You might be trying out a few dresses in the different necklines and silhouettes. 

You will also have access to our Fabric Collection, which has a wide selection of Bridal Laces for your Selection. 

There will be recommendations or you can select based on your favourites. 

After the Appointment: 

You should have a very clear idea if your dream design is suitable for you. 

You would also have clarity on the creation process and timelines. 

Prices for Laced Bodice with Lightweight tulle A-line Dress Bespoke is approximately $1495  or $299 per month 

Prices for a Minimalist Crepe Satin Dress is approximately $995 or $199 per month

Zero Down and monthly interest free installment plans available.