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I am a fan of Jim Edward. He teaches people about copywriting and marketing.

Chance upon one of his post on FB earlier this year. Sent it to myself, making it as a blog post to once again remind myself.

Something worth sharing so much.

Here you go>>>>

You Won't Reach A Single Goal This Year If You Don't Do This...

If you want to reach your goals this year, pay close attention. What I’m about to share has made a huge difference in my life and gotten me out of the ghetto of my own mind so I could start living my dreams.

If you set goals like everybody else, you are NOT going to reach a single one this year. Why? Because most people don't understand that “goals” and “outcomes” are NOT the same. How To Tell The Difference A lot of people get confused about the difference between goals and outcomes.

Look at it this way. If I say... I want to make $100,000 this month. Is that an outcome or a goal? That's an outcome because it's focused on a result you produce. Compare that to... I will walk 30 minutes and eat a sensible diet daily.

That's a goal because it's wrapped around one of the very few things you can control in this life... Your actions. In this life, you can only control two things: • What you think; • What you do. Everything else is outside of your control. You can't control the government, the weather, the economy, other people, or any external circumstance. Sure, you can potentially influence other people and external circumstances, but you can't control them. This is something I want you to remember... You can always control the goal. You can't control the outcome. Taking specific actions is your goal, not the outcome those actions lead to.

How To Apply This In Real Life There is a simple 3 phase process I go through to keep my life under control and achieve what I want. 1) Write out ONE primary outcome; 2) Write down the actions I must take to produce that outcome; 3) Decide how I'm going to take those actions on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and get them on my schedule.

Phase 1 – Choose ONE Primary Outcome In this first step, you should write out ONE outcome for each major area of focus in your life, such as: financially, spiritually, family, physically, etc. Two tips on this: 1) Do NOT list every possible outcome in every aspect of your life. • Instead, write down ONE "big domino" outcome in each area that brings a whole lot of other stuff along with it. 2) Phrase your goals in the positive, NOT the negative. • If you say, "I really need to lose these 50 pounds.", you'll never lose those 50 pounds (because you're always focused on the 50 pounds you have to "lose"... you just get MORE 50 pounds). • Phrase your outcome as what you want in the present tense, such as “I am living at my ideal weight of 190 pounds.”

Phase 2 – Actions To Produce The Outcome My next step is to focus on the actions I need to take to produce that outcome. This is often a rather large list of all the things I need to do in order to accomplish that outcome. If we take "I am living at my ideal weight of 190 pounds" as the outcome. I would come up with lots of actions like: • Buy exercise shoes; • Find a place to exercise; • Hire a coach; • Exercise every day; • Walk every day; • Sleep well; • Get my heart rate up. Even though we have identified all the actions we must take to achieve our outcome, we are not done yet. There's one more step. Phase 3 – Sequencing & Scheduling While "I live at my ideal weight of 190 pounds" is a great outcome and we know what actions we need to take to produce that outcome...

We DON'T want to sit there with a list of 100 action items you'll get to later. Instead, we focus again on writing out the ONE "big domino" goal (action) that would wrap up the whole list. For example, when I wanted to lose weight, my goal was a specific, daily action, "Wake up every morning at 4:30 and go walk for a minimum of 30 minutes." Setting my goal as a daily action I could control is how I lost the weight.

That's what built the momentum. That’s what went on my calendar as a DAILY action.

That's what got me unstuck and finally able to get my weight under control after struggling with it for years and years (and years). What is the ONE action you can take daily that will make your outcome a sure thing?

Conclusion If you set goals like all the people are going to tell you to, you aren't going to achieve jack squat. THIS is how you do it. THIS is how you change your circumstances. • Write down the outcome you want (stated in the positive); • List out all the actions you need to take to achieve that outcome; • Boil down those actions into a single hourly, daily, weekly, monthly goal (action) that you take consistently.

By Jim Edward

Author of CopyWriting Secrets

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I know... How often do we get to say we are back to the 20's, like literally!

The age of influence in the arts including music, paintings, architecture and fashion! The 1920's was a Golden Era for exuberance, flamboyance and artistic. Welcome back!

In Giorgia Couture, we love the vintage. Especially Baroque and Roccoco style from the vintage vibes.

But we want to stay true to catering for the modern, chic and fashion forward brides. So we have compiled a set of themes that are trendy and inspirational (I hope) for all brides-to-be for 2020. Right from our designer's sketchpad to your screen!

We give you a glimpes of Baroque and Rococo Styling.

Baroque and Rococo Styling

For that, we have complied wedding dress trends from 2020 right off our designer's digital sketchpad for your inspiration!

Here is the link:


Updated: Apr 23, 2019

On the morning of 23 March 2019, I got a reply from the high commissioner of Singapore in London.

"Dear Vienna

Thank you for your email, and congratulations on exhibiting at the London Bridal Fashion Week.  It is exciting that you will be bringing the Jewel and your other bridal collection here.

Unfortunately, my schedule is already fully booked, and I will not be able to visit your booth at Excel.  We will however, be happy to cross-post your creation on our own social media presence.

I wish you every success.

With best wishes

FOO Chi Hsia"

I didn't realise the post on their Facebook page was published almost immediately after she sent this email. But they did.

Being the first Singaporean bridal label to showcase in London's major event in the bridal industry gave us a kind of pressure that was very real.

I didn't want to present just wedding dresses. PLAIN WHITE, or ivory for that matter. I wanted to do so much more. I have ideas of creating an OVER the TOP couture piece using recycled materials because sustainability is in our Mission and Vision. Again, I am faced with so many options because there were literally tonnes of possible recycled resources out there. We need to narrow things down.

"Old violin strings, used drum skin, the mouth pieces made of reed from the clarinets or oboes..."

Because of my professional background in music, I have easy access to such resources.

Without designing background, putting these together was a big issue

I needed more than just recycled materials, I need also the ideas and technicality on how to fix these onto the dress without them falling off.

Then I thought I wanted more than just telling the world about myself being a musician and reminding our audience of sustainability. It's about me representing Singapore!

I thought we should bring something of our Singaporean heritage to London, which is also a city full of culture and heritage. Time was running out, we had barely less than 60 days to the show.

I was still stuck at the beginning stage of ideas, without actual action into making it.

The urge to bring 'Singapore' with me got stronger by the day. Surely there must be something that's feasible, without getting out of being tasteful. No, I didn't want to create anything controversial, like the gown Miss Singapore Universe wore during the pageant last year.

It has to be a work of art, yet of haute couture standards, representing our Singaporean identity.

The idea of creating the Jewel Gown struck me after sending my husband to the airport one afternoon and the entire vision became crystal clear after watching the Grammy award in Feb.

Cardi B in the Mugler dress might have gotten most of the attention, but Jennifer Lopez's highly ornamented Ralph and Russo's number resonated so much.

*** TBC +Coming Up tomorrow

How the I put the Jewel Gown together - piece by piece