the backstory

As a classically trained musician, vienna mei was constantly looking for the right dress for her recitals. under a rare opportunity, she was engaged to performed in an event where the president of singapore was the guest-of-honour. to find the ideal dress, she travelled to the factory of the world, china. from the trip, she created many dresses, some were even sold to her musicians friends. they had very specific requests, being lightweight and comfortable were the key requirements. today, the airy and lightweight designs define giorgia couture. we put in-depth research into it, forming our core dna.

Newgen Fashion award

  • in april 2018, vienna mei was named one of the twelve finalist for harper bazaar's asia newgen fashion award. 

  • the inspiration for the collection came from tchaikovsky's the season - 12 pieces for piano . 

  • the collection described the transition of nature from spring to winter, named after each month.

  • out of the 12 designs were harvest, meteor, stardust and universe which eventually became the galaxy collection. 

the galaxy

consist of 5 designs from 2018 and 5 designs from 2019, this collection is inspired from the constellation night sky. 

featuring luxurious jacquard and embroidery laces, each dress is unique and has since become our top and best-sellers. 

history & milestones


signature collection


the first official bridal collection shot in athens, greece featured 6 designs in mermaid and a-line silhouettes. 

these designs are lightweight making it compact and easy to carry for pre-wedding photoshoot and equally suitable for the actual day outdoor or beach weddings

Ivory & shine

this was launched with a runway show modelled by real brides at sinfonia ristorante, victoria concert hall. The collection consist of 8 silk crepe satin dresses and 8 dresses with the trendy shiny fabric.

The event was published on Her World Brides. read about it  HERE


a capsule collection in collaboration with costantino, a veteran bridal designer from greece. 


8 dresses in tones of blush, lilac, turquoise, lime in romantic tulle skirts.

also a first collaboration with the leading makeup company aviva sign using the extravagant and accessories style.