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The Art of Satin


"How Precious it is to be Simple" -- Vincent van Gogh

The curves on a woman's body has a kind of magical power that is captivating!  It gives a sense of elegance, feminity and exlude a form of mysterious power. 

When we combine the curves on a woman's body and the silky texture of satin, the full aesthetics and beauty become vivid and alive! 

The provocative charm of a mermaid silhouette. The flow of an A-line skirt.

Be it Crepe or Duchess Satin, Mikado or Charmeuse, our Promise to brides  - the feeling of "Light as Air" effect on every dress! 


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Add Giorgia Couture on Whatsapp for Complete Lookbook/Catalog of each dress send to your phone. 

Available for Made-to-Measure Order with choice of Satin Shades from Off-White, Ivory, or Cream. 

Rental Price $899-$1199 

Selected Pieces also available for Purchase from $998

Bespoke Satin Gowns from $1500

Pre-Wedding and Actual Day Package Available HERE