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Elopement - A Marriage conducted without the presence of family and friends.

With the current on going tighten measures, wedding planning has been getting a lot harder than expected. An elopement might be a very romantic alternative to a wedding reception.  Check out a local elopement and solemnisation on a yacht with our lightweight and whimsical custom dress. 

Sarah wears custom 'Janelle' a lightweight and whimsical strapped dress with sparkle tulle and luxurious beaded lace bodice. There is an added soft tulle cape that makes the bridal look more dreamy. 

Photo by Joseph from @superpandapresents 

To check out more lightweight and whimsical wedidng dress designs visit our Official Online Store or the browse the dropdown under 'Bridal' where we have 'Signature' and 'Elysian' 
You can also Book an Appointment for a fitting session HERE to discuss more customisation options. 
Alternatively, just chat to us via Whatsapp on +6581783366 
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