Giorgia Couture's evening dress collections are named after Nature's constellation night skies! 

Both depicts a theme with inspirations from the amazing sight from nature in the dark.

 One is a portray of the mesmerising skies of stardust, meteor and the universe, the other is the most  beautiful natural sights only seen in certain parts of the world!  

All with the vision to capture the imaginations and the aura from Nature to Couture! 

Our creative direction is about bringing merge other forms of art with couture. It could be architecture (with our creation of the Jewel Gown). Our love to transform paintings onto Our Cheongsams (the french impressionist inspired series), to nature's Galaxy and Aurora above. 

 The opulence of the Galaxy dresses are enriched and accentuated by the exquisite combination of the noble hues of midnight and blue. 

The ombre tones of Aurora fabrics are mesmerising colours for evening dresses. Spoiled with 15 different colour choices, we present to you this life-changing Aurora experience.