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Singapore's Bridal Designer Label | London Bridal Fashion Week Label Giorgia Couture specialises in Lightweight, Airy and Luxe Wedding Dresses 

in both Pret-a-Porter and Bespoke Creations

Available Worldwide


Started in 2015 in Singapore, Giorgia Couture offers  a dynamic and competitive range of dresses for brides who want to stand out. There is always a piece with a twist in the traditional staples. All wedding gowns are available for rent. 

We also offer a "Complete the Look Bridal Package" with professional  styling advice, for makeup and hair, headpieces and accessories. 

Wedding dress can also be customised and the bespoke process is made easy with our Online Customisation System for Brides. Alternatively, you can also visit our Official Online Stores.

For brides who are looking for a second dress,  traditional and ethnic dresses like bridal cheongsam, kebaya and lehenga can also be customised. 



The Giorgia Couture Bride is someone who embraces the quasi-Romantic spirit. Dreamy, whimsical yet stylish and modern. 

The designs follow an Artisanal concept. The technical construction of each dress incorparate Lightweight and Airy elements. 

These has become the reasons brides choose us when they are looking for easy, comfortable and enjoyable pieces without compromising on style. 


Our 5 Stars Reviews

Amanda wore a full bespoke 3d lace applique gown

Vienna specialises in lightweight and airy gowns. My gown has quite a few layers and a train but it is light and not bulky to walk in! This is a major plus point. Especially for brides who are going for overseas photoshoot, a super bulky and heavy gown is the last thing you want to stuff in your luggage. I brought a total of  3 gowns for my photoshoot in Japan and they can all fit in one luggage. A lightweight gown is also easy to change in and out during photoshoot and on actual day where both instances brides are usually racing against time! 

Amanda wearing a full bespoke Giorgia Couture 



Giorgia Couture Brides

The Most AIRY & LIGHTWEIGHT Wedding Dresses

The Lightweight and Airy style has always been well received in recent years as trends moved towards a free-spirited, modern and chic vibes. Wedding dresses made and designed by Giorgia Couture are worn by brides in Asia and the UK. These unique  designs are crafted with hours of research into fabrics and materials merchandising and curation, catering to brides internationally.

From the traditional silhouettes of timeless and classic designs to the avant garde patterns makings to inspire, Giorgia Couture dresses are not only exquisite but also a representation of high-quality craftsmanship and made of comfortable materials. Our couturiers use the finest fabrics such as silk, taffeta, Chantilly lace, and linen, and has been master of their craft for more than a decade now.

 Another fact that makes Giorgia Couture wedding dresses different is that they always have bold accents whether it is a floral applique, hand embroidery or one of a kind accessory. That’s what makes these luxury wedding gowns radiant and alluring!

If you are the bride, who wants to look different on your special day, if you are always checking the latest fashion trends, and are not afraid to surprise your family and friends, you should check out Giorgia Couture wedding dresses! 




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