Our illumination Photoshoot
& An Enchanted Afternoon with Floral Artisan "Lilac Summer"


Conducted by internationally experienced floral artist


Rare flowers selection

Tools and materials provided

Arrangements are take home

Duration 2 hours


Upcoming location

Serangoon Gardens Plonk Restaurant, 2nd floor 7 Maju Avenue, Singapore 556685.


20 April 3pm 


Special package! WORKSHOPS with DRINKS & BITES

Regular price  $158 


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About Lilac Summer 

Lilac Summers began its Singapore project with the aim of channeling creativity and positive energies through natural, unique creations that promises to captivate with resplendence and éclat. 


For our workshops , we would hope to bring a bright and joyful atmosphere whilst facilitating our attendees the opportunity for learning and practicing a skillset that may well become a lifelong passion for floristic designs and appreciation of the art. 


Representing Lilac Summer as Head Designer, Alisa Zaitceva brings much experience from several continents such as Europe, China, Japan etc. and she is delighted to be able to share her professional skills, quick rule of thumbs and secrets, towards the goal of elegant styles and sophistications of this creative art. 


Her collaborations and works include over a decade of projects with hotels such as Shangri-La Tokyo, events floral setups and bouquets with brands such as Facebook, DeRucci, Pauly, Beijing Fashion Week, Shanghai Art District, Gucci, Rolex, Valentino, Prada, Dior etc. 


Alisa’s works have been featured in Vougue (Beijing) and most recently in Singapore’s Observatory, Rebel Magazine England (Rugby), Content Magazine USA (California), Mob Journal Canada Montreal etc. 


Alisa’s has studied and honed her skills over the years with mentors such as Nikolai Bergman (Japan), Araik Galatians (Europe), Zhigalova Irina (Europe) and her influences include Azuma Makoto, Mai Maiakovskii to name a few. 



Lilac Summer’s specialities are:


Event Floral Setups

Wedding Floral Setups

Business Floristics

Hotel Floristics

Fashion Floristics

Professional Workshops

Intermediate Workshops

Introductory Workshops

Ikebana Techniques

Western Bouquet Techniques

Floral Form Techniques