Road to Vogue

"We'd pull out of the publication tomorrow! We want these images in Vogue and we need those to be embargoed until we get published!"

Our stylist Nico communicated this message to our editorial team loud and clear.

It was the eleventh hour. We were less than 12 hours away from publishing. Everything has been planned.

The contents were organised and the stories were set! How could she just decide to pull out the images at the last minute and everything is in chaos!

It has been on celebratory mode all along. We reached a milestone achievement of our first year anniversary with digital publication. It was not easy. In fact, far from it. The journey was liken to be a turbulent ride but a very rewarding one. It was our first publication since 5 months ago when we managed to publish the Summer edition in the midst a worldwide Covid lockdown!

We certainly did not expect such a decision. The team shot this series during one of the hottest day during the British summer. Everybody was tired but in high spirit. We were cheering everybody on.

"We should be glad they are submitting for Vogue! It is gonna be worth it!" It's alright we published something less. It does make a difference but we will be fine." said Erin, our assistant editor-in-chief.

Nico, the stylist was also the designer for all the statement headpiece for the images. She has an exceptional talent in making the model looks fabulous and glamourous in her accessories which has some x-factor oozing in every shot. The photographer Tim Copsey is a veteran photographer with tons of experience in editorial shoot. He knows the story he wants to portray, he knows the angles, he knows the vibes. Everything on set was led by his equally experienced partner-in-style Nico.

We couldn't be happier when we received the images. They were not the usual kind of bridal shoot we see on social media. These were truly something different.

Featuring Kayla wearing Yolanda from Elysian Collection.

Giorgia Couture created only one new design for 2020. The off-the-shoulder ballgown was it!

The entire collection was supposed to be called Dream of Love, an named inspired from the term "Liebestraum" a romantic and virtuosic piano composition by Franz Liszt.

You can book an appointment with us to try this dress from "Dream of Love" today.

P.S: Were these images published eventually? You bet! The road to Vogue isn't a walk in the park. There is no resistance, it just isn't going to happen for this one, yet!

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