The Act of Writing

(So personally, I love writing my thoughts and feeling. I find it extremely liberating. And this GC bride network started because I met a counsellor sitted beside me with a notebook and she was writing. She saw me also having a notebook beside and we strike a conversation, hence)

This is taken from the Prologue of the book Journey by Paulo Coellho.

Everybody has a good story to tell, and it is part of the human condition to want to share a little of our experience with others. There are some stories we must firsts share with ourselves before they become a part of the world, before they can begin to lead us on our journey. Think of all that you have not yet learned abaout yourself, admitted to yourself, or even understood about your hopes, your fears, your dreams. Even when no one is there to read your words, write for the pleasure of writing. Write to discover, to let go.

As the pen traces out words on paper, your anguish disappears and your happiness remains. For this to happen, it is necessary to have the courage tp look deep inside yourself and to write with honesty.

And what if it's something very intimate?

Don't worry. Thousands of years ago, Solomon wrote the following words: "Whatever has been is that which will be, and whatever has been done is which will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun" (Elccesiastes 1:9)

In other words: if thousands of years ago there was nothing new, just imagine now! Our feelings of happiness and anguish are still the same, and we should not hide them. And even though there is nothing new under the sun, there still remains the need to translate all this for ourselves.

There is a few questions I curated from the Journey by Paulo Coelho.

Q: What do you want most in life?

Q: What experiences have made you feel most alive?

Q: Consider your conquests. Think back to the magical moments over the years. Have any of these successes changed you?

From: Journey. A Journal of Discovery by Paulo Coelho.

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