A Brand New Way to Shop for Wedding Dresses Post-Covid!

To be honest, it gave us sleepless nights since we launch the Weekly Duo Promotional Campaign.

We harbour thoughts of quietly cancelling this promotion every week when we launch the 2 new designs on Mondays, telling ourselves nobody will notice even if we secretly increase the price, or simply not offering it as a "2 for the price of 1" kinda deal.

What would our previous client think? They paid so much more. What would our retailers think? We are renting to brides at half the wholesale prices?! Ridiculous. What would fellow vendors and partners in the industry think?! They must be desperate for sales! What would potential clients/brides think? They must be comprising on their quality!

Is the promotion or offer even working and are the sales numbers justified are the next questions we asked ourselves.

Well. The answers are Yes and No.

Bear with me. It is not what you think.

I started this business merely wanting to kill time while waiting to give birth. But I have since wanted to build a fashion empire. I imagine having over 1000 point of sales across the globe. I read books after books about creating a blue ocean, and how to play bigger by developing a product to be "Category King".

I imagine generating millions of sales through online marketing alone. I imagine helping bridal boutique owners pivot out of the struggling wedding industry, and slingshot to success with online sales. I imagine expanding the business with a marketing and publishing agency. I really do think BIG!

I am really not concern with how many brides are attracted to our rent 2 dress for $x99 in October. This is just one of those many marketing/promotional offers out there.

I am thinking about how to increase our market share from 1% of the puny 20K weddings Singapore market to maybe 5% by 2022. But our focus is still on expanding internationally, to the UK, US, China, and India.

Therefore, we need to have a framework. We need to first help our retailers and boutique owners with a marketing framework and strategy that work! Tried and Proven! And I am not afraid to that this risk of exploring untethered territory!

We are on Week 3. More determined than ever to make this work. I am enjoying the freedom to create designs which I have been procrastinating to create since the beginning of time, but was held back because of fear. Fear of reinventing the wheels. Fear of not being approved with good sales revenue because the designs are too niche. Fear of not being liked. Fear of conventional brides coming to us looking for conventional designs. It was a-hell-of-a roller coaster ride! But I have decided to embrace ALL MY FEARS!

If it doesn't work? Damn! I am starting 2021 with 24 of my own creation which I absolutely adore!

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