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Storybook Summer 2020

In this Issue, we look inside Singapore. 

We explore the architecture for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot by PixelMusica and Antelope Studios. We explore the art of bridal and editorial makeup by Aastralbeauty. We visit Destination Pre-Wedding Locations through the lens of Allure Weddings. And share the importance of Art Direction in Film and Photography by Challe Creatives in our cover story. 


Storybook Spring 2020

In this Issue, we discuss the cover story with the editorial team in US lead by Whiteney Otte, Lorie Pearson and modelled by Amber Namery. 

We explore Pre-Wedding Destination Photoshoot in Iceland by BKphotos, in Denmark.  We introduced our 5 international retailers in the UK and Shanghai. 


Storybook Fall 2019

In this Issue, we featured the art piece Jewel Gown. 

Designed by Vienna Mei and a collaboration with fashion illustrator Artclaytion.

We explore Pre-Wedding Destination Photoshoot in Iceland, New Zealand, South Africa and Denmark. We check out Asia Wedding Network's founder wedding in Koh Samui and Taiwan and our founder's interview with Asia Wedding Network.